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How To Unlock Snapchat Your Account in 2023?

It is generally very difficult when you can’t access your Snapchat account as you will not be able to send snaps, maintain your streaks or even chat with your friends. There can be different reasons for the same whether your account has been lock temporarily or your snapchat account has been hack by a hacker. While you may think that your Snapchat account does not have a lot of personal details, your hacker can still access a lot of information about you from your snapchat account and this is why, it is very important to know how to unlock snapchat

Here in the guide, we are going to tell you how you can easily unlock your snapchat account so that you can use your account without any issues to send snaps, click pictures, maintain streaks and personally chat with your friends. 

Reasons Why Your Snapchat Account Locked – 

Snapchat monitors user behavior by suspending accounts if users violate its rules. You won’t be able to use Snapchat for the following reasons: 

  • Using third party apps, plugins or mods
  • Using offensive language or behavior
  • Sending too many friend requests without first verifying your email address or phone number
  • Account compromised it was done

Process to Unlock Snapchat Account

There are different categories of locked accounts on snapchat however, you will be very happy to know that you will be able to unlock your snapchat account with the given process and ensure that your temporarily locked snapchat account does not change into a permanently locked one. 

  1. To unlock snapchat account, you first need to remove and uninstall any third-party application that you are using as these apps are also responsible for the locked status of your account. 
  2. After doing this, you need to access the website https://accounts.snapchat.com/accounts/unlock on any web browser of your choice which is trustworthy. 
  3. If you see that your account has been lock temporarily then, you will be able to unlock your account using the website after a few hours by entering your account credentials. 
  4. However, if your account has been lock for some very serious offence then, you need to wait for 24 hours before you can use the website to unlock your account and use it. 
  5. Make sure that you are entering the correct details of your snapchat account like the username and the password on the snapchat.com/unlock website as the website will not allow you to access your account with incorrect credentials. 
  6. Now; you just need to press the ‘Unlock’ button that is provide on the website and you will receive a notification on the website confirming that your account has been unlock. 

This is the correct process that you need to adhere to when you want to unlock your temporarily locked or compromised snapchat account however, know that the application will not allow you to unlock a permanently locked account. A permanently lock snapchat account will be lock for a very serious offense and you will not be able to get this lock account back. 

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These serious offenses include violation of the terms and conditions of snapchat policies or abusive language and behaviors displayed on the application. However, if your account has simply been deactivated or locked by the application for 24 hours then, you can easily complete snapchat unlock with the help of the process that we have mentioned above on your device. 

How to Unlock Your Snapchat That Has Been Hacked?

Luckily, the Snapchat development team is aware that account suspension is such a common problem that they have not only addressed this issue on their website, but have also developed a dedicated unlocking tool.

Contact the Snapchat Support

If you receive a message that your Snapchat account has been temporarily suspend, go here and select Unsuspend to try logging in again via the app or web. Before you try to sign in again, please review the common reasons for account suspension below. A permanent banishment may result from failure to comply..

If you are unable to unlock your account, or believe it has been lock for no apparent reason, you can also contact the Snapchat team. The contact form has several options. Make a choice based on what best fits your problem. If you need any other help regarding snapchat and other social media apps you may also visit the official website of Onlinegeeks.net.

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